Katrika Sterling: The Solid Rock

“Know that Christ won’t let you fall or fail.  He has invested “prime spiritual real estate” in you and you shall go forth despite set…

Women, Don’t Stop Fighting!

Satan has targeted women from the beginning of time. In the garden he approached Eve, not Adam, intending…

Dressed for Battle

The enemy couldn’t care less who you are or what you are wearing. That designer outfit cannot withs…

I Will Arise

“We have ‘brother against brother’ and ‘sister against sister’ spewing word…


Quitting is Not an Option

Has going around the mountain become a norm? Many women say they are going to start eating better tomorrow then tomorrow…


Positioned For Healing

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― Sun T…


In The Spotlight

Debra Price: Ask, Seek, Knock

I was in church but didn’t feel I could really turn to anyone because the leaders I did turn to were all going through it themselves. I real…


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Shulamite Women

The Power of a Prophetic Mindset

Can You Imagine Having a Winner’s Edge? Would You Like to Operate with Boldness and Confidence in Ministry and in the Marketplace? Wel…

The Power of Prophetic Prayer

 All those who are believers in the body of Christ, are pregnant with a destiny that God wants them to re…

Pretty Girl Blues

Author of Pretty Girl Blues, Jarlean Taylor, shares her inspiring life story of determination, courage an…


Shulamite Women

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